PwC Releases Study of S&P 500 Directors Aged 50 and Under

In April 2018, PwC released a report examining the population of directors aged 50 or under (“Younger Directors”) who are currently serving on S&P 500 boards. These Younger Directors make up only 6% of all board seats in the S&P 500. Only 43% of the S&P 500 has at least one Younger Director. At 50 of those companies, the CEO is a Younger Director. According to the report, S&P 500 companies with younger CEOs are much more likely to have independent Younger Directors. 60% of companies with a CEO aged 50 or under have at least one independent Younger Director on the board—as compared to just 42% of companies that have a CEO over the age of 50. Women comprise a much larger percentage (31%) of Younger Directors than S&P 500 directors overall (22%). Among the independent Younger Directors, the percentage of women is even higher (37%). The full report is available here.